Kersey Real Estate &

               Auction Company LLC


Welcome to the new website for Kersey Real Estate & Auction Company LLC.  that is currently under construction.   Office manager Rhonda Wise is working hard to create a website to fit our needs and make it a pleasant viewing experience for you. Please know our concern in getting this up and going - and thank you in advance for your patience during this web reconstruction. As you know with such change some features may be working correctly, while others may have details that need refinement. Keep checking back with us to see how all this is falling into place. Please review the details of our upcoming auctions by checking the "Upcoming Auctions" link to the left.




     As the owner and founder of Kersey Real Estate and Auction Company LLC, I thank you for your interest in our services as to real estate, auctions, and appraisals. Our first year in business (1984) saw the beginning of a gradual decrease in interest rates from their historic highs of 16%. Local business and the farm economy improved over the years - and with that growth our company participated and prospered. Today's stagnant economy could rightly be expected, but in the long run all will be better. Housing will be more affordable and farmland will again be used as such. Real estate sales and personal property auctions will still be a part of our community's needs. Families will still need help and assistance at all ages. It is our hope that our services will continue to be used as needed. I am proud of all my staff - auctioneers - agents - clerks- cashiers - office manager - who contribute to the full service that our company offers. In addition to their service, I can speak of my 36 years of real estate and auction experience which has been rewarding on a personal level - as well as publicly recognized with my introduction by my peers into the Ohio Auctioneers Hall of Fame. Please accept this introduction to our website as the first step in doing some important business whether now or in the future.

                                                                                                                                                      -Gary Kersey-